Answering a few key questions can make a big, bright difference.

There are a variety of reasons that selling whitening products in the dental office can be difficult. But it’s not for the lack of an audience. Whitening products are among the highest-selling (and highest-priced) dental products sold in retail. How can you bring some of that business back into the dental practice? We’re glad you asked. And, speaking of asking, here are 6 “W” questions you can use to help.


Identifying candidates for whitening products can be a sensitive task – but it doesn’t need to be one you avoid. Trust yourself and your relationship with your patients, and respectfully ask about their needs.


Everyone feels more comfortable speaking about topics they thoroughly understand. Having an in-depth understanding of the features and benefits of different whitening products can make you much more comfortable recommending them.


Even if a patient isn’t strongly considering a teeth-whitening treatment today, they may investigate their options later. By positioning yourself as a whitening expert, you can be their go-to regardless of when they seek treatment.


Whether an in-office whitening treatment or at-home option is best for a patient is dependent on several variables. By considering these factors – including product performance, patient health and practice workflow – you can offer the perfect solution to each patient.


The answer to this one seems obvious. The reasons to whiten are fairly surface-level (or, perhaps just beneath it). But when you think about why a patient wants to whiten, you can connect with them and find a solution that benefits everyone.


Finally, it’s time to think about whitening. Patterson offers a wide array of whitening products that enable you to choose which ones fit your treatment philosophy. Below, you can see some amazing whitening products and amazing offers.

Whitening Products & Promotions



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